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"It's like Uber for pets!" -A.B.

Pet Transportation Silver Lake & Echo Park
Pet Transportation Silver Lake & Echo Park

Meet our Driver

Born and raised in a suburb of Chicago, Whitney now calls Los Angeles home.

She has always had a love for animals. Not only was she raised with seven cats... that right, SEVEN, Whitney had two turtles, she fed the squirrels outside and bought bird seed in bulk for the feeders surrounding her house.

Whitney adores being a part of the animal rights community. She started volunteering at dog rescues on the weekends doing transport and fostering pups in her house. Eventually she gave up her 9-5 job completely and started working for dog rescues full time. She knows how to perform cat & dog CPR and has a very gentle hand when working with those furry friends who might be scared or timid. Her love of all pets and creatures is Obvious.

Whitney is the mom to three dogs who she adores. If you ask her about them you are going to have to look at MANY photos of Benny, Muppet & Socks on her cell phone. She is a vegetarian and continues to help with the fight against animal cruelty.

- Whitney Pet Bus Driver


In the community

You do not need to go to a location within 15 miles. All our locations are available no matter what the distance. So your pet can get the best care they deserve.

“I have a demanding schedule with work and travel. I needed to get my dog Sparrow to her sitters before my last trip but had to finish a bunch of stuff at home first. I called Pet Bus as I had heard of them through a friend and they were very friendly and were able to accommodate right away. Whitney arrived and was amazing with my dog from the get go. I'm always nervous about putting my dog in new situations but I was reassured by Whitney's warm and friendly nature and the bus looked safe, clean and reliable. Even getting her back was easy and Sparrow almost seemed sad that her trip was over. I will definitely use Pet Bus again.”

- D.S.

“This is amazing it's like Uber for pets! I just had my third kid and getting my dog Annie to the Vet or groomers hasn't been easy. When I found out about PetBus I was so excited. They were so fast and super friendly and came right away and took Annie to her appointment for grooming, and got her back that afternoon. I'm using PetBus again this week for her trip to the vet. That way I don't have to sit in the waiting room with my newborn.”

- A.L.

“My girlfriend was very ill and I offered to take care of her dog until she felt better. Not wanting to get sick myself I used the PetBus to get Coda from her house to mine. I received a free ride coupon and thought this was a perfect time to use it. The driver, I think her name was Whitney, was very kind and knew what she was doing. You could definitely tell she loves animals. Coda arrived at my house happy and even gave the driver kisses as she said goodbye. I will definitely use them again.”

- J.P.

“his experience was really great! The driver who came to pick up my dog not only was right on time but super friendly and I could tell really loved animals. She was wonderful with him. This was so convenient and easy to do set up. I will be sharing this service with all of my friends.”

- T.F.

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